Meet Julie, owner of the awesome Red Cat Adventures

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Red Cat Adventures is one of our amazing industry partners who you will encounter throughout our program.

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Pictured, Julie owner of Red Cat Adventures

Hey Julie, in your words, what is Red Cat Adventures?

Red Cat Adventures is an awesome adventure tourism business in the heart of the Whitsundays. We offer award-winning marine and land-based tourism experiences for all travellers. We employ 28 incredible staff passionate about protecting the environment for future generations. Travellers can jump on one of our boats and explore iconic locations like Whitehaven Beach, deserted islands, snorkelling coral reefs and pristine waters, swim at the spectacular Cedar Creek waterfalls.

And what is your role in the team?

I am the owner along with my husband.


Pictured, Julie and her family 

We love the variety of experiences you offer! What are some of your favourites?

Honestly, I love all the products that we offer. They are so different and unique it’s hard to pick a favourite. Thundercat stands out as she is the most popular and often fully booked. I really enjoy being on the Tongarra Day Sail. She was the first boat we purchased, and we have just renovated the inside, and she’s looking really slick. I love chilling on the large deck and sunbathing, then enjoying the sunset sail home with a bubble in hand. It’s an awesome chilled day and unique.

What does a regular day in your Red Cat life look like?

 I get to meet lots of lovely customers and spend time with my staff and crew. It’s always fun, and not one day is ever the same. I often say we should be in a TV show with the crazy logistics we deal with in one day.

Describe The Whitsundays in three words.

Idyllic, Paradise, Tranquil

What advice would you give to someone starting in the Travel and Tourism industry?

Tourism is a growth industry, so you can develop your skillset and be innovative. Be passionate about what you do and respect the environment you work in. Tourism is a very rewarding industry. You can change travellers’ experiences by providing excellent customer service and a smile. I love it when I read a great review from a customer who has had the best day or done something for the first time, like snorkelling. It melts my heart and makes the hard work worthwhile.

What’s something about your role or business that people wouldn’t expect?

I not only run Red Cat Adventures, I am also the Chair of the Tourism Whitsundays board and get to be involved in the future of the Whitsundays. This is a volunteer’s role but something I’m proud to be a part of and my give back to the industry.

I suffer from seasickness. I’m not great on boats. That’s why my husband designed the Thundercat boats to enjoy boating together. It just happens that I’m not alone, and she is now our most popular product, and we have three Thundercat in the fleet.

How excited are you about Work, Study + Play Whitsundays?

I’m excited for the region and the incredible opportunity for the students. The potential for learning and growth is tremendous. Red Cats is honoured to be a part of the program, and we can’t wait to welcome the students to the Whitsundays to show off our aquatic playground.

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